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For more than half a century the I-81 viaduct has divided Syracuse, separating downtown from University Hill, generating noise and pollution, while discouraging economic development in its shadow.

  • We believe the I-81 viaduct should never have been built through the center of Syracuse, that it should be removed, and a new viaduct should not be built to replace it;
  • We believe that the removal of the viaduct and reestablishment of the street grid below will lead to new development, new jobs and higher long-term property values in the area;
  • We believe that the I-81 decision must be made within the context of a broader transportation assessment that considers the needs of Central New York residents, commuters and visitors;
  • We believe that before any new highway configurations are considered, the NYS Department of Transportation should first address improvements that can be made to the existing city and regional street network that would improve mobility on existing routes, reducing traffic volumes for the I-81 Viaduct study area;
  • We believe that improved access to area resources – including University Hill, downtown Syracuse, local hospitals, Destiny USA, and suburban destinations – can all be accomplished while avoiding the problems caused by the I-81 viaduct;
  • We believe that too much of the city was sacrificed to make way for I-81 in the 1960s. Whatever option is chosen, it must not encroach further on the city or require the removal of even more of the city’s infrastructure and historic assets;

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