What is “ReThink81″

ReThink81 is a grass roots effort calling for more comprehensive, well thought out design options for the NY State Department of Transportation I-81 Viaduct Project than have been presented to the public to date. It was initiated by Syracuse area residents Bob Doucette, Jason Evans, Bob Haley, Joe Hucko, Matt Oja, Van Robinson, Andrew Schuster, Joe Sisko, and Mike Stanton.

ReThink81 will provide case studies and lessons from other cities that have faced similar transportation decisions. It will address the accuracy of information distributed regarding I-81 options and will encourage the public to “take action,” demanding excellence in the planning and design process for our future.

ReThink81 will be a broad based coalition of organizations and individuals throughout the Central New York area. It will support forward looking planning solutions, better utilization of the existing streets network to reduce traffic congestion and improve efficiency, by accommodating pedestrians, cyclists and businesses on our streets, by enhancing property development and values without further demolitions, and by planning to include accessible public modes of transportation throughout the CNY region. ReThink81 strives to help define the problem first, and then solve it with excellent design.